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Right, I guess you have probably dropped in here because you have a website that is not bringing you the desired traffic, or you are considering having a website built and you are looking around at ways you can get the best value out of your existing website?
Well you have come to the right place .. (:   Online Australasia has developed many websites for many clients over a number of years and we all acknowledge that whilst the internet is now the BEST POSSIBLE way to market your goods or services to a vast number of people very quickly and cheaply, you must also realise that it is even more important that your website can be found easily online. Online NZ has developed the "silver bullet" for you to achieve those desirable top rankings whilst not paying "an arm and a leg" in the process.

* Online
Australasia has developed a purpose built software programme that attracts over 1,000 visitors per day to it’s site and is growing hugely in popularity. As it is a nationwide website providing great information at a local level, it also provides viewers with a local directory of businesses. Clients that have a listing on olnz, increase their ability to be found online many times over due to the inbuilt SEO optimisation of the site, in addition to our clients gaining valuable back-links to their website from a higher ranked website. We call these “positive votes”. In many cases our clients have returned a google page #1 search engine return (olnz listing only) directing traffic to that client’s website directly from the promotional site. This type of promotional package is seldom available from any other Web Development Company in the World. It was designed by ourselves to HIGHLY PROMOTE our own client’s websites and improve their ability to be found on the Internet. This gives us an advantage over our competitors and likewise your business is more likely to be easily found than your competitors are. We know for certain that our client's websites will rank higher almost every time.

** Banner advertisements are clickable banners on the olnz/oloz promotional site that give visitors direct access to our client’s websites with one click.There are several different banner options available on our website as well. Banner advertising is another way of providing our clients with valuable back-links (votes) in addition to them gaining more exposure by promoting them throughout our site randomly. Each client’s banner is visible on the site over a thousand times per month and this is increasing.

Here are the kind of results that we have achieved for some of our existing clients recently using some of our "proven" techniques: Not one of these clients have had to pay additional fees for SEO technology  or adwords. They have all come from our very affordable STANDARD promotional package and our hosting costs are really low too. (from $1.50 per week)

Alpha and Omega sold a whole crate of products to a client 4000 miles away within one day of being online. All of their products are "key-worded" in their online shop and almost every product reaches googles page #1.regularly.  (try out one of the product names and search it for yourself)

Golfers World had an enquiry for golf balls from their website online shop .. the product was only loaded two hours before.....

Swampys Backpackers were not showing in search engines  ...  we totally rebuilt their site, SEO friendly and within days they had reached Page #1 in google.  

Mayflower florists were not showing on any search engine results either, so we converted their website to an online shop and they got page #1 results within a day or two from searching some of their products. In addition, their new website looks ten times nicer than the old one.    

Taradale Information Centre had an online store built by us in addition to their new website. A search of some of their products returned a page #1 & 2  listing within a day or so of them being listed. ....

Bellebird Design received a #1 page #1 return for "flax" within days of their site being rebuilt and SEO optimised.

No Deposit Homes gained a page#1 number 2 position within 10 days of their website going live.

The Fudge Factory had an online store built by us last month. Already their products are topping the charts in google.
They were amazed.

Alan Young, who only has a one page listing with us on olnz, achieved a page #1 spot in two places with search words "carpet services napier" from 30,000 results.
check it out for yourself  this is what a promotional page on olnz looks like ... ...

Helicopters R us sold six helicopters within a few days of their website going online.

Angels Reflections Hair Salon got a Page #2 return some weeks after we modified her site.("hair salon blenheim" .. was searched )   .. She is now showing above her competitor that regularly enjoyed the top spot ...

"upholstery blenheim" returned page #1 for

Wain & Naysmith, lawyers in Blenheim received a page #1 number #1 spot from 318,000 with search "solicitor blenheim" used as key words.

These are merely a snippet of some of the awesome results we are achieving for our clients. Why would you choose anyone else to promote your website?
We can also guarantee you google page #1 results too with one of our marketing packages.

Click Here to download our Internet Marketing Package.

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