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Building your own website

So, you have made the choice that you need a website for various reasons.
With the vast resources available on the internet, you now have several choices available to you:
Do you build your own website using a Free Sitebuilder or with limited HTML knowledge in a Website Making Programme like say Dreamweaver.
Do you hire a professional web designer/developer to do it for you. Before you take that next step forward, there are a few things you should know about website building if you want your website to be found on the internet. Bare in mind that there are 182 MILLION other websites online that are competing for viewer attention. On the great side though, there are a vast number of potential clients or visitors (600 million) that can be attracted to your website too. The most important thing to do is to provide valuable information to your viewers and you will have more chance of them finding you online.

Here are the main pros and cons with building your own website:

It costs you nothing financially.
You can be online in a short time. With Free Online Sitebuilders, etc, you don't need a high knowledge of html coding.
You can generally change your content easily yourself as often as you like.

The hardest thing to do, is promote your website so others can find it easily. This is the number one reason we would usually have a website anyway.(see our page on "how do you get your website found on the internet" ) You will find valuable information on that page on how to promote your website, but it can be fairly difficult for the novice in addition to time-consuming.
Free Website Builders generally charge a higher fee for hosting your website than other hosting providers.
If you hire a professional web designer, the project can take longer to complete as your website is usually built from scratch, but is usually more to your unique liking as your design concept is the first thing a web designer takes into consideration. A professionally built website is build with SEO (search engine optimisation) inbuilt to the degree of the webmaster's knowledge and it has far more chance of being found online.

Online NZ provide a range of web development tools at your disposal.
Online NZ can tailor a plan to suit your budget whether it be simple hosting where you can build your own website online or externally and have it cheaply hosted on our servers, or to build a website or online shop for you at really competitive prices. Online NZ also have a team of Web developers (they are the ones who talk in code language but often don't know green from blue), Web Designers (who generally do the graphics on your site ( they dont usually know that coding too well) or SEO Experts (they are the ones that know how to get your site ranked highest in the search engines)

Whatever you decide, good luck and best wishes on your entry to the exciting world of the internet.