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Online Stores


For only $4.00 per week, sell your products online 24/7.
A setup fee will apply .


Web Hosting.


Hosting plans available for as little as $1.50 per week.
Several hosting options to choose from.


Banner Advertising

What is a banner advertisement?

When you drive down the road, you are constantly being bombarded and enticed with numerous marketing messages - through billboards, shop signs etc. Although your primary focus is on the road, marketers know that you can easily be distracted and lured by subtle and not-so-subtle advertising.

It's the same on the internet. Although you might be reading a particular webpage, your attention can be drawn away through strategically-placed "banner advertisements". By simply clicking on these banner advertisements, you can instantly be taken to the advertiser's website.

For as little as $75 we can design a banner advertisement for you and place it on our online nz website in such a way that visitors are regularly "invited" to click on it and be taken directly to your website. This service lasts for 12 months and costs a mere $100 p.a. thereafter. Click here to see an example of banner ads on the right hand side of our online nz site.

Advertisements will appear on each page throughout your district. If you click on the Refresh Button several times, you will notice that the order of the banner advertisements changes regularly. This shows our "automatic rotation feature" that gives all our advertisers the same opportunity to appear on each page. It also keeps the pages fresh for our website visitors.

You will see that some of the banner advertisements on the right are fixed in that position. Why? Because that company has paid a substantial amount for that primary position. If you require one of these premium banners, please contact us for a quote.

All figures shown in this website are "plus GST".

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The standard size banner ad is 180 pixels wide x 100 pixels deep. Here is an example to show you the size.
The banner is also available at 180 x 140 for $15 p.a plus a one-off setup fee of $75
The wide listing banner ( 500 x 80 ) is displayed on all pages throughout the district or country as placeholders on the classified section.
click here to see an example.

FLASH Animated Banners

Flash banners are a modern digital advertising media, with a lot of advantages in comparison to conventional graphic banners like GIF or JPG.
  • High click-through rate due to the eye-catcher effect.
  • Flash banners can be animated very smoothly and softly.
  • Small file sizes due to vector based files.
  • Your website gains a professional appearance.

FLASH Animated Banners are also available throughout the online nz site. They are placed at the top right hand corner of each page and are randomly displayed as well. The cost for these banners are $900 to set up and $100 per month (district) or $1000 per month (national). Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of these options.

You can see examples of flash animated banners on our website too. (click here)