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Online Stores


For only $4.00 per week, sell your products online 24/7.
A small setup fee will apply .


Web Hosting.


Hosting plans available for as little as $1.50 per week.
Several hosting options to choose from.


Low Cost Websites

Most hard-working New Zealand business owners don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a website.
Well, now they don't have to because there is another option...
For only $395 per year, we will give you a one-page promotional website for 12 months which includes:

* unlimited text
* three photos or images
* the ability to add an online promotional video
* the ability to advertise a "Special Offer" (with a photo) that you can change or update at any time in less than two minutes
* 12 months web hosting, worth over $200
* an e-mail facility that can re-direct website enquiries to your current e-mail address
* a link to your existing main website, if you have one
* a content management function - so you can easily make your own changes eg. add or change your text, photos and images. To see a live example, click here

PLUS we will promote your website (collectively with all our other clients websites) using sophisticated search engine optimization tools. In 80% of cases we can achieve a "first page ranking" on Google. These promotional pages are also fantastic to drive traffic to your existing website as most web designers don't even know how to promote a client's website. In fact over 85% of websites are never promoted. This is the perfect vehicle to drive traffic to your main website at very little cost. Our main online nz site is the perfect vehicle for this as it is truly a community based website where visitors come back often. On the main online nz site, visitors can find jobs, buy & sell goods, view local events, lotto results, news feeds, plus a lot more. We recently rebuilt our entire online nz site , using the latest search engine techniques to attract even more visitors. After just two months, we were getting over 1300 page visits per day. We will also do local advertising in the community newspaper, erect signage and place radio advertisements to ensure the local sites are well promoted.

Optional Extras

For a small additional cost, you can add:

* Four additional pages
* Banner advertising
* Domain Name

We can also provide you with a more professional looking full website that can be customised from a template for $995 plus as little as $75 p.a. for hosting.
We can also build you a custom website from scratch, to your specifications. Call us for a quote.

We can set most websites up in less than seven days.
We offer a range of payment plans, depending on which package you choose.

All figures shown in this website are "plus GST".